HomeVisita feat. Starfish Compass - Syncretism Volume 1 [High Definition]
Visita feat. Starfish Compass - Syncretism Volume 1 [High Definition]
Visita feat. Starfish Compass - Syncretism Volume 1 [High Definition]

Visita feat. Starfish Compass - Syncretism Volume 1 [High Definition]

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About the Music

All cultures have found forms of expression that are unique to their identity and being, but beneath their apparent vagaries, there lies a common thread that weaves them into a single, universal spindle: a universal soul, a single being.

The 'Syncretism' series by Visita is about reconciling and channeling different forms and traditions of music into a holistic melange of sounds. Volume 1 explores and draws inspiration from Malian, Celtic and Hindusthani music, all while fusing them with orchestral and contemporary instrumentation and sound design elements, which was possible through a collaboration with Starfish Compass.


Acoustic Guitar :: Visita Additional Instrumentation :: Starfish Compass Compositions by Vivek Venugopal & Aditya TB

Produced by Sample Culture Productions

About the Artists

Starfish Compass is an alias identity dawned by Producer, Engineer and Composer Aditya TB, as a platform to express the music within. The style involves an amalgam of using soundscapes and digital orchestral instruments in fusion, infused with live acoustic elements. In Syncretism Vol. 1, Starfish Compass adds various layers that weave in and out of the guitar's song structures, while adding points of interest in mood, and rekindling interesting motifs through subtle variations of melodic phrases and harmony.

Facebook: /starfishcompass Twitter: @starfishcompass Instagram: @starfishcompass

Visita is in essence a solo acoustic project, which explores various forms/traditions/genres of music, but it dares to be beyond the music. Visita may be classified as Progressive, Acoustic, World music with a ‘dash of tradition’.

Visita is also about the harmonization and interaction of ideas, poetry, philosophy, art, and life, with music. Visita, is the Sanskrit word for 'light before dusk', and is derived from the word 'Viy-shee-ta'. The colours of dusk, as seen on the horizon, are an intricate mélange of the essential duality of night and day. One may be lost in these dazzling colours, and one may never formally define the gradient of this transition: there are endless possibilities in the harmonization of a duality. While music will always remain quintessential to Visita, it is the other formal element which will colour it in a way which transcends the music.

Website: VisitaMusic Facebook: /vivekvisita Twitter: @visitamusic

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